The magic of revealing
your true version


The magic of revealing
your true version


When the brand generates value, the price is no longer relevant

Claudia Romera



Do you have the client’s that really suits you?
Are you not fully satisfied with your current graphic line?
You feel you cannot get through to your clients, in a way that they can understand your products and services?


Is your Brand coherent with its online and offline messages?
Does your Marketing Department needs a more strategic approach?


Do you want to expand your territories, launch a new product, a new service or reach new markets?

I am Claudia Romera

I am Claudia Romera

CEO and Co-founder of The Value Boosting Company, a new concept in boutique consulting, specialized in increasing brand value.

I have dedicated more years than I would like to confess, to the world of marketing, branding, communication and business.  During all that time, and especially during my years as Marketing Director of FC Barcelona, I’ve seen almost everything (and I say almost because I trust that life will continue to reward me with its pleasant surprises).

I have lived through the great digital transformation, the change of perception of markets towards brands, the loss of control of brands over the credibility of their messages, their ability to generate real engagement with millions of followers …

I have noticed that the emergence of internet and the proliferation of social networks have made branding a strategic necessity.

There are now infinite opportunities to get in touch with the audience and show them the true differential value of the brand. If we do it right, this translates into business expansion, but if we don’t do it properly, the market won’t forgive nor forget.

Never before have companies had so many possibilities for growth, but never before have they been so exposed, nor have they faced so many opportunities to be judged in increasingly interconnected, demanding and experienced markets.

That’s why, it’s so important now, to know how to build a brand, because it’s no longer possible to build it organically.

Oscar Wilde said: “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”, I am afraid this is no longer useful. Now they have to talk a lot and well.

It is here and it is now, when branding, marketing and communication become essential tools, for the development of a business to their maximum potential. Because there is no longer any point in «talking for the sake of talking».

The time has come, to strategically build our brand with a clear projection to the future, generating real value through what we do, the image we show and what we say. To do this, it is essential to apply criteria of truthfulness, consistency and constancy in all branding dimensions.

Every brand, whether it is a corporate or personal brand, has a gift that is real and authentic, that can and must be promoted. Without selling neither smoke, nor raising false expectations.

Today there is too much exposure to be able to sustain, something that is untrue, for too long. Whatever the specific need was of an entrepreneur, of a personal brand, of a project that is born or of a consolidated company, I have found a common denominator in all my clients: the answer is always themselves, because they already have their best version inside.

That’s what I devote myself to, revealing and developing all that talent.

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, although it can seem I have some psychic powers, the reality is that in branding there are no tricks, no rabbits coming out of top hats, but a rigorous work of analysis and the ability to understand the real essence of each brand.

I firmly believe that having a dream is essential for growth and that dreams are not fulfilled on their own, they are achieved if they are based on authentic potential and a good strategy is followed.



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We design strategic brand positioning for people with a public image, for companies and for projects, using Brandkeeping®, a methodology of our creation, which applies marketing and neuroscience processes to brand construction:

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